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"Hi, I have now gone back to Miniciggy after trying the shisha type using eliquid which over time made me feel ill. I am now back to normal and from past experience, your customer care was fantastic."
M. Ketley - Durham

My Husband & I have been smoke free for 3 years now thanks to Miniciggy J which means we can now afford to go to see my family every year in Florida with the money we save.
My job is a support worker and the amount of my clients who suffer with COPD and other chest & lung related illnesses is phenomenal, I have personally recommended Miniciggy to them and some have completely stopped smoking whilst others smoke considerably less and all have noticed the difference in their breathing and their general health within a few weeks.
I have and will continue to recommend Miniciggy to anyone who smokes as I know I would not be smoke free now without it.

Paula Johnson (Liverpool UK)

I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day. I started using mini ciggy in February 2012 . This is the best alternative to smoking as I'm now 16 months on and not looked back. Thank you mini ciggy

SA. Hull.

This is the best company nothing is too much trouble for them I have been dealing with them for 2 years now and thats how long I have been tobacco free so if you want to give up smoking then this is the place to contact. Thank you mini ciggy you are amazing.

A.Norris Hertfordshire.

Hi just a note to let you know I am now on my10th week without smoking with the help of my ecocigarette.2 of my friends have now bought them and are on
2nd week and 3rd day. It is a very good idea to give business cards with the order I have been giving them out in work and a few of my other friends are going to try them to cut down and then stop. Thank you again for encouragement.
Frances Campbell xx

I am sitting typing this with the "cigarette "in my hand. Have smoked for 50 years - God am I that old - and this is my first attempt at giving up and this cigarette is marvellous - recommend it to all. My boss at work told me that her father-in-law stopped smoking 60 a day with your product and also sings its praises. Well worth the money.

Thanks again, Yours, Gay Neale, Durham

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the mini and maxiciggy, I have been smoking them now for several years and have not touched a real cigarette since my first order arrived.
I had to stop smoking as I had a heart attack 6 yrs ago due no doubt to smoking 20-30 cigs a day and struggled with this until I tried the miniciggy, it was then so easy that I wish I had found them sooner.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone as they really are a life saver .
Many thanks also for your prompt and efficient service and long may it continue.

Best regards
Alan, Sheffield.

Hi Mike,

Once again many thanks for your excellent product, I was a heavy smoker, around 30 a day and I had been smoking for 47 years without a break, I tried various e-cigs in the past but always went back to tobacco, My doctor told me years ago that smoking was killing me and my lung capacity was practically zero, I tried miniciggy 3 years ago and I have not touched a cigarette from day one, I have just had my annual check up with my doctor and he was amazed that my lung capacity has improved by 200% and within the first week of trying your excellent product my “smokers” cough had all but disappeared, my blood pressure is now back to normal and I am never short of breath, I am not one of these people trying to “big” your product up but I must say miniciggy is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the market, and I have tried most, followed with an excellent delivery service you have never let us down. I have introduced loads of friends and family to miniciggy and I have not had one negative report. My wife tried miniciggy after my success and she too has been tobacco free for 2 years. We started on “high” strength and we are both now on “medium” strength, I am about to retire now and am looking forward to a long and healthy life without tobacco, once again many thanks. Please feel free to use this recommendation to anyone and I feel confident that if they try miniciggy they will never look back.

(Roy and Jackie Smith, Coventry Warwickshire)

"The product is excellent, by far the best I have tried but what makes Miniciggy outstanding is the remarkable after sales service, I had a slight problem which was sorted out instantly with no quibble at all. Certainly the best and most courteous internet service I have ever received Thank You."

Chris, London


Just thought I would take this opportunity to say thank you so much to for your wonderful product. I have managed to not have a cigarette/let alone a puff since 04.01.12 (having smoked 15-20 cigarettes a day for 35 years) – I am so thankful to my niece for giving me your product for Christmas last year and I have been encouraging other of my “smoker” friends to try it and some of them have with success. I am so glad that my niece chose your product as opposed to some of the others on the market. I have tried some of these subsequently and found them absolutely horrible with a nasty aftertaste – so if she had given me one of those products I would not have been sitting her writing to you as an ex-smoker. I really am very grateful to you and will keep spreading the word. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and once again thank you so much – I might not after all now end up like my mother with severe breathing difficulties and a nasty cough.

Kind regards
,  Lisa Burrows


"Once again I have found it easy to stop smoking using your product. I stopped two years ago for 11 months after being a heavy smoking for 35 years. Unfortunately, I went back on them during particularly stressful time in my life. Purchasing again from you a week ago I haven't had a cigarette since despite previously being on 30 a day. May I also say the product has vastly improved since a few years ago, the cartridges last so much longer as does the battery yet your costs have not increased, thank you.
(Gordon Woods, Essex.)

"You know what it's like ..... yes yes yes I will stop smoking ...... someday.

WELL THIS IS IT. Totally unbelievable. The Minnie ciggies are amazing. I have not smoked a cigarette now in 2 years.

So I still have my Miniciggy but it does no harm to myself or others. No need to buy air fresheners by the dozen and no standing out side and freezing to death. I can smoke it inside.

Service on offer is spot on at all times. I wish I could say the right words to praise this ciggy and the and the incomparable service. Don't take my word. Just try them for a week and see how you get on."
(Sally, Scunthorpe.)

Just a short note to say that I have been using mini ciggy for some time, /I have not had a real ciggy for months, thank you for a great product backed by excellent service. R. Barrett, Berkshire

I sent for your miniciggy pack on the 16th of Feb it arrived the very next day and i haven't had a cigarette since then.
I even like this electronic one better and seem to get more satisfaction from it
I am 78 years old and have been smoking since i was15 and have tried to stop several times with no success, hopefully this time i have cracked it thank you sooo much."
Mrs Una Belfield

"Cheers Mike, I appreciate your customer service, rare these days. Can I just say and you can quote me if you like, I have tried lots of different brands of electronic cigarettes and the mini-ciggy is by far the best in terms of smoke hit and taste. The price, both for the starter kit and the refills and the ease and speed of getting new supplies is excellent.
Keep up the good work!"
Iain, Isle Of Skye


Just a line to say thank you for the swift dispatch of my order. Arrived this morning.
Fantastic product, far superior to any others I have tried.
Please feel free to use this as you see fit.

Regards, Bill Antill

I just want to say after 34 years of being a fairly heavy cigarette smoker, I have managed to quit with the help of your miniciggy ! It has been an absolute godsend in my life. I've tried various other E cigs and not one has come up to the standard of yours. I recently spent 6 weeks in hospital with lung problems and was told its now or never to stop smoking. Thanks to your wonderful mini ciggy I have managed to do it. Thank you for saving my life and giving me a second chance of a healthy new start. Your service is also second to none. I've just placed another order for some cartomisers.

Many thanks,

E. Pasquale

I have smoked for 53yrs and tried I don’t know how many times to stop smoking, from courses to acupuncture patches cold turkey you name it I have tried it, these e ciggies are for me a godsend as I knew I wanted to stop and they have helped me do so, just a fantastic product, best of all when out for a meal I can sit back and relax and smoke my e ciggy.  Amazing.

Thank you so much,
Valerie, London

"Hi, I started using the electronic cigarette about 3 months ago and it has changed my life. I feel so much healthier, my skin is so much better and I wake in the morning without that vile taste in my mouth and I don't feel as though I have given anything up.

I work for an airline on long haul and spend a lot of time in America where smoking is banned almost everywhere including in all hotel rooms. When I was a smoker I always found myself standing outside every 30 minutes or so after leaving a warm hotel room, knee deep in snow freezing my wotsits off just to have a puff on a cigarette. Now I puff away in my lovely warm hotel room till my heart is content. That is just a few of the benefits of the electronic ciggy. There are so many more. I love it, love it, love it. Thankyou sooooooo much. Xxx

One very happy, satisfied customer. X"
(M Hurst)


I am absolutely gobsmacked, after being a 30 per day person for 30 years, how easy quitting tobacco has been using the miniciggy!
Well done for producing such a fantastic product!
Best Wishes,
J. Errington, Sheffield

Just a note to say my wife and I were avid fans of smoking and completely hooked, but thanks to you guys we are now tobacco free, and use the electric cigarettes all the time since Jan 2011 and still using them , a brilliant alternative to tobacco.
Thank you from both of us
Sarah & Duncan Lane

Tobacco free for 4 weeks would have done it years ago if your product was available. It has made being tobacco free so much easier. Have got my mum a starter kit and recommended your product to family and friends. Thanks for a great product (Sharon, Manchester)

I had smoked for 27 years & never thought I could stop !!
I Tried everything,, gum ,patches , spray, & then my friend showed me this electronic cigarette he had bought.
I had to have one ,, 18 months later I had stopped smoking & now
I have not smoked or needed my miniciggy for over 2 years.
It is simply the best thing you can buy to help you stop.
Wonderful is the only word that sums up this product for me, thank you

Regards,  Colin McSorley

"This is by far the most superior e-cig on the market today.  After 39 years of smoking, I have now been using this e-cig for 10 months and not had a proper cig  - never gone more than 3 weeks when I have tried to stop smoking before.   Also other e-cigs have not stopped me either as I found them too messy with all the different bits.  The mini-cig is simple - just screw on a new refill and away you go.  The battery charges within 2 hours either with the wall charger or car charger - I even charge it at work on my computer as it is USB as well! 


I'd been smoking  for 20+years thought id never be able to quit, but thanks to the I've now been cigarette free for 2 months. I've tried every product on market but nothing has come close compared to the ecigarette. I've recommended to all my friends and family so far 4 Family members now use the ecigarette THANK YOU very much

Regards, Kelly Hollingworth

I bought a spare battery so I never run out!!!  That said, delivery is extremely quick and if I do run out of refills I borrow off friends at work as I have already converted 2 of them. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the freedom of not smoking proper cigs - the mini-cig has done what no other product on the market has done - it helped me QUIT smoking. 

Thanks , Angie Richmond - non smoker

Hi Guys,

As I approach the anniversary of my first ever Miniciggy purchase, I thought I'd take a minute to mail and say thank you. Having smoked for twenty five years by the time I tried your product, I really wasn't confident of success. How wrong I was, Miniciggy is without doubt the very best product available and I have tried many, usually vastly more expensive, ecigs but have always come back to you guys. Your customer service is superb and I look forward to the day when I can buy your products over the counter of my local shop.

Thank you for the first of many tobacco free years.

James Buccleuch St Glasgow

"I have been using the miniciggy since April 2011. After trying, and failing, for a long time to give up fags with the help of all kinds of stuff, a friend recommended your site. I received my starter kit on the Thursday, started using it on the Friday, and haven't had a real cigarette since! I love it!  It felt a bit strange at first but soon got used to it and my friends got used to seeing me with it. Have recommended it to so many people and quite  a few have gone on to totally give up smoking thru using this miniciggy. And I MUST mention the service you get off this site..... its perfect! You have a problem? They sort it, no messing about, its just done! WELL DONE to all of you at miniciggy!"

Pat Greenhorn


"Thanks so much for the e-cig. I have just stopped smoking using it and am on my 13th day without smoking.

I had been off work with a sore back and was smoking 40 cigarettes a day as you can imagine I cannot afford to smoke that many. Up to now 1 have saved myself 130 pounds so far. Looks like I will be able to have a well earned holiday this year.

Thank you again I could not have done it without the e-cig."
France's Campbell. Dundonald.

"I have been smoking these for over 2 years the best on the market and my health has improved greatly and recommend them to friends who say the same."  (Marion Ketley)

I am sticking with the mini e-cigarette and have told anyone where and how to get them. I believe we are saving lives.

Great product and service. Thank you so much.Please feel free to use this.

Moira from Glasgow."


A message from Management:

Miniciggy have been around the electronic cigarette business for a long time, almost from the beginning of the UK ecig industry. In the beginning everyone wanted an e cigarette that was as small and light as possible. Nobody would ever have considered a larger heavier battery.

A few years after we started there became available various refillable type devices, using what we now know as eliquid to refill.

We considered our position very carefully with regards to these new devices which were refillable ecigarettes.

We came to the conclusion that eliquid has a massive potential to be dangerous, not just from drinking it, but more importantly from skin absorption. We believed that refillables were an unnecessary and potentially hazardous product. Unfortunately we were of course powerless to stop the popularity of the eliquid revolution.

So, since the eliquid devices became available to various shops and retail outlets people seem to be ok with using an enormous battery, the like of which would never have previously sold. Also, their customers are apparently happy to use hazardous eliquid in various tasty child like flavours to refill their tanks while spilling it all over themselves. A Cherry Crush flavoured cigarette? Give us a break please! Who do they think they are marketing these things to? Not children we hope.

In addition to the cheap devices available everywhere, at the same sort of time, tobacco giants start buying up ecigarette companies, for millions. They jump on the bandwagon and to them, it looks like refillables are what sells, so they sell them. So now we have the same people that were happy to kill everyone with tobacco, now selling ecigarettes to save everyone.

It must have been a nuisance for the tobacco companies when their customers would die and stop buying, now they have found a way to keep them alive longer and still buying. These are multi billion dollar tobacco companies. Take a look at their figures, every one of them is losing millions of dollars every few months trying to take a firm hold on the ecigarette industry worldwide. They are hedging their bets and looking at the long term possibilities. There are few businesses that would survive longer than a month with the kind of money they are losing in this industry. We thank them for making everyone more aware with their multi million dollar advertising campaigns. Dont believe for one second that they care about anything other than surviving the next 10 years though. They will stamp over everyone, take control, become a virtual monopoly with their friends and gently push prices up once they have it to themselves.

We still consider eliquid to be a dangerous market trend, which we want no part of. We would feel irresponsible and hypocritical to profit out of a product we considered inferior and not necessary.

We would certainly have made more money and gained thousands more customers. As we never really started this business to make lots of money, we thought it best to stick to our principles.

We know why eliquid is popular. Eliquid is readily available and cheap. Suppliers love a million different flavours as it makes wholesalers and retailers buy more product. Smaller shops google for suppliers and most suppliers and manufacturers offer the cheaper bigger ecigarette devices that require refilling. Once the shops had jumped onto the bandwagon with these inferior refillable devices, consumers just thought that was what an ecigarette was, so they bought it, even though it looked ridiculous and was a pain in the rear end to use.

In addition to the ridiculous size of these refillable ecigarettes, they are not in fact any cheaper to use. The liquid is cheap but the batteries are not. They require high maintenance and regular replacement of expensive separate atomisers and tanks every few days. If you add up the cost of separate atomisers along with the eliquid, the cost is around the same as a miniciggy to use. Miniciggy has a lifetime guarantee on all of its batteries and so in the long run, Miniciggy is much cheaper and much much more convenient.

They are almost identical in technology to our original three part miniciggy ecigarette with a separate atomiser. When that thing went wrong we never knew which bit was faulty as the same symptoms would occur. The new cartomiser refills we moved to were a revolution in design. A fresh atomiser in each refill, brilliant!

At Miniciggy we were always reluctant to raise any negative issues within a newly formed industry. The media would have a field day and it could have potentially damaged the industry progress. Now though, everyone is a bit more aware. New regulation in May 2016 will hit the eliquid and tank devices very hard, our device is almost untouched by regulation, because it is much safer and more reliable.

Miniciggy Mike.
Always here, always fighting our corner :-)


Some feedback to read from Miniciggy Customers:

I’ve been smoking 20 fags a day for 22 years and tried many times to quit.

I tried the petrol station e-cig but struggled through the first few days with it, then a friend leant me his miniciggy e-cig and I’ve not looked back since.

That was 10 months ago and I now find that I prefer the miniciggy e-cig to tobacco fags in every way. I know this because the only day in the past 10 months I smoked tobacco was when I was abroad on holiday and ran out of miniciggy cartridges so I had to have a packet of fags until I got back 2 days later. I couldn’t wait to get them delivered (thankfully I didn’t have to wait long as they had arrived as soon as I got back home) as fags just aren’t as enjoyable as they were to me any more.

I can honestly say that if scientists found out tomorrow that smoking tobacco actually didn’t harm anyone, and they also brought the price down to 2 a packet of 20, and they said you could smoke fags anywhere you like, I still wouldn’t go back to them.

They’re the obvious benefits. The hidden benefits you don’t think of is that you don’t stink (your hair, clothes, breath etc.), it’s a lot less distracting while driving (please note you’re not supposed to drive while smoking them – it says in the manual you get with the starter pack) as the smoke doesn’t sting your eyes (I literally drove for 2 hours last week with it clamped in my mouth all journey), and none of that window down in the cold business, or taking your eyes off the road to light it up, or tap it out the window (and no litter).

Another benefit is when you’re in a situation (usually at work for me) where everyone knows you’ve nipped out for a fag, and you don’t want them all judging you. You just nip to the toilet, have a few drags, and nobody’s any wiser. No worrying, did I put that fag out properly when you’re just about to go to sleep. No brown ceilings. These are just a few of the added benefits you don’t think of at first, but of course the biggest are the couple of grand I’ve saved in just 10 months, and the piece of mind that I’m not killing myself and everyone else anymore.

Seriously, it should be headline news that they’ve finally found a cure for the smoking epidemic without people having to stop smoking, but the government have no idea where else they’re going to get all their tax money when everyone ‘changes brands’ from tobacco to e-cig (as that’s all it is), so they don’t want everyone to switch to this product. Lets just hope they don’t decide to tax our e-cigs, because if they do, I’ll be ready to demonstrate outside parliament about it, and I don’t think I’d be stood there on my own either.

Thanks Miniciggy. I’m pretty sure that you’ve not only saved my life but you’ve also saved my wallet too.

Chris from Sheffield

I smoke because I like smoking, I know it’s stupid, but I like it. It killed my dad, it makes me stink like an ashtray but…. I like it. I know I should be ashamed, I have given up too many times to remember how many, I keep coming back. I LIKE SMOKING. There I have said it. I am a Sinner, unclean, evil, not to be trusted around small children, the vulnerable or the elderly.

Last month I received an email inviting me to try the new maxi cigarette. I was sceptical but remembering that when the original product worked it worked well, I decided to try again. I have just placed my second order for a resupply. The new Maxi cigarette is great, they appear to have solved the diffuser problem by incorporating in each cartridge. This has greatly improved the product. I am a huge fan, it’s great.

I still smoke, but almost without noticing I have gone from 30-40 Marlborough Lights a day to 10. I have just ordered a second battery so that I will always have a fully charged unit ready to go. I think once I have I will cut down more. The Miniciggy gives the sensation and the hit/ pleasure of smoking without actually lighting up

Nice company to do business with always even when the product was still in development, would recommend anyone who LIKES SMOKING to try.

A.Kingston, Kent.)

Having smoked your products for the last four years,
I have no intention of giving up and going back to "real cigarettes"
I enjoy the satisfaction I get from your products, without any harmful effects to myself or anyone else
(C. Mcintyre, Greenock)

I just got the package you sent yesterday, thank you ever so much, you are awesome. I don't know how I'd give up smoking without you, I've stopped for 34 days now and both me and my stop smoking Nurse think your product is the best by far, I've tried others in the past, but yours taste and work the best.
(Hannah, Warwickshire)


I have been using your electronic cigarette now for 3 months – and I think it’s brilliant!! My clothes smell nicer and it tastes nice too.

I haven’t bought from you direct, I give my work colleague the money and she orders from you in bulk.

But I just want to say thank you for just a great product! Its long lasting, effective and reliable.

J, Hull

Patience is a virtue initially when you first try these electronic cigarettes, I first got interested around 2 years ago when the old type with the separate refills and atomisers were around, i lasted about a week and gave up and went back to smoking. The problem was the very short time between charges (typically 3 hours) and the refills were messy and leaked.

When i heard that had developed a new electronic cigarette which they claimed had more staying power i was intrigued so i purchased the starter pack (fantastic value) and i am so glad i did. So far i have only been using the e-cigarette for a week and i have gone through three cartomisers. The new battery is so much more efficient and i average around 48 hours between charges. I have saved myself a good few quid to, normally i spend around 40.00 a month on tobacco (roll ups) now i reckon i only need around 12 to 15 new refills a month averaging around 12.00 to 15.00 per month saving me about 25.00 a month. Once i get a spare battery i can always have a e-cigarette at hand.

The health benefits are nothing short of amazing, I don't stink of fags any more nor does my house, and i feel a lot more healthier and have been sleeping like a baby. One of the best things about e-cigarettes is that you can smoke indoors which i must admit still feels a bit strange but great all the same. Thanks again, i am now a truly converted electronic cigarette smoker.
(Bill Masson, Edinburgh.)


“Having been introduced to your product from a colleague I've been using the product now for 5 weeks and haven’t had a cigarette since then. Great customer service from this company, emails answered promptly and my order came the next day” (Katherine Smith, Hull)

"I order for my mum also and we both have been so happy! to have actually given up smoking for 8 months now!! Can't believe it!!

Many thanks,
Michelle Yelland ( your Loyal Customer) :))

"Miniciggy is all I use now, having smoked from the age of 12 until 51 with only a few months success at quitting previously I have now passed the one year mark without any tobacco, apart from a great product I can pretty much guarantee that delivery of an order will be with me in 1 or 2 days and the additional ease of PayPal to place that order means it’s a very quick and easy process. Thanks for a great product, and great service."

Pete Ravenscroft

Hi to everyone,

After being recommended by a long term user and personally finding great satisfaction and proving themselves to work while as someone whom had they started smoking from the age of 12 years old if only to showing off before becoming strongly addicted I have myself returned once again as a repeating customer, may i say how wonderful it is also to once again be allowed to puff away in my own house rather than was I being sent outside in the cold .

Mark Clarke)

I have been smoking for 20 years I have tried absolutely everything known to man to try to stop I smoked around 30 – 40 cigs per day I saw the miniciggy website and thought if I cant stop I can at least cut down especially when I'm at work or in the airport that dreaded 2 hours wait for your plane to arrive and then the journey itself. You would not believe it! I liked the miniciggy so much I stopped smoking it has been 5 months and I haven't had a cigarette not even one. my family are amazed that I have stopped even they are giving their friends my cards I get from the site which by the way I need some more because strangers that see me using the cig want to know where I get it from I have handed them all out. Thank you for supplying this amazing product it has saved my life.

Miss Cheshire

I would like to say a big thank you for a fantastic product, I have not had one "real" cigarette since using the Miniciggy, I have recommended to colleagues and friends and they have all now stopped the "real" cigarettes, and the money saved is a great help.

Thank you. 
Barry, West Yorkshire

My wife has been using your product now for just about 2-years. It's fantastic as I've saved a lot of money and she is very happy with the electronic ciggy. In addition to it being a first-class product, the after-sales-service that I've experienced is second to none. If you have a problem, a quick email to them saying what's wrong and the problem is addressed immediately. I wish more companies were like them.
Well done.

Ian, Devon.

Tobacco free for 4 weeks would have done it years ago if your product was available it has made being tobacco free so much easier have got my mum a starter kit and recommended your product to family and friends. Thanks for a great product.
Sharon, Manchester

Hi Mike
Thank you once again for your quick response & your replacements for faulty items. I must give praise to you & your company for your product & after sale service it is second to none. I am registered disabled & was smoking 50 to 60 tabs a day but since I started using your e-ciggy(DEC 2009) I have not so much as had one draw of a real ciggy & its all down to your product.
Thank you so much
D. Critchlow, South Shields

I feel I must congratulate you on such a superb product, I was informed 2 years ago by my G.P. that after 40 odd years of smoking cigarettes and roll ups that my lung capacity was very small,
I tried and tried on numerous occasions to quit but to no avail, I sent for your excellent product May 2010, via the Internet and with immediate effect I stopped smoking tobacco, and to this day I have not touched a single tobacco product,
My wife tried the miniciggy herself 6 months later and We are pleased to inform you that we are still tobacco free, We are regular customers of yours and we have gone from high strength to medium strength, my lung capacity has greatly improved and I do not cough anymore.
I must also mention that your superb delivery and customer service is second to none. There is no better service on the web. Once again many thanks for your excellent product. Regards,
Roy Smith

Hi, Tobacco free after 56 years of smoking was up to 60 a day. It was a doddle. Now to start the saving money. Regards, Jeff

I am a 56 years old women.I have smoked for 42 years. I have tried to stop before with no success because I was always bad tempered and eat too much resulting in me starting again for my sanity and that of those around me. I bought your cigarette and started using it with patches the patch only lasted 2 days until I didn't need it. (Miniciggy Comment - NEVER use nicotine patches or any other nicotine replacement therapy and any Electronic cigarette at the same time!)
The cigarette was all I needed. I am now on my 6th week without smoking. No side effects at all in fact I have lost 11 pounds in weight because I feel a lot healthier so have joined the gym not to mention the money I have saved. I would recommend anyone to try it.
Frances Belfast.

My name is Craig from Lancashire. I used to smoke between 40 and 50 cigs a day, i had a terrible cough could not sleep properly because of coughing and wheezing., I tried stopping smoking several times, but was unsuccessful. I scoured the internet and saw your site, and never looked back. Within 1 week my smoking cough had gone, I sleep much better for the first time in years, and most of all I have saved a fortune,.. many thanks miniciggy

I have not smoked for two months I could not have achieved this without my mini ecocigarette.  I have also recommended the product to several of my friends and they have successfully quit smoking thank you for your help. (Paul Smith, Bristol)

"I have only been using your product yesterday. I tried one normal cigarette yesterday and one today. I actually prefer your product to a normal cigarette !!! Feel free to quote the above, with my name, in your advertising."

Regards, Clive N Butler

"Hi. Just want to say thank you for your service. i have now gone over 7 months without tobacco and it is with the help of miniciggy. I have also recommended you to other smokers and will continue to do so. your service is so quick that i never run short. Your replacement of a faulty battery was excellent. again. many thanks"

Sharon Kidd

"After being a confirmed smoker for over 40 years I didn't think I would be able to change a lifetime habit so easily. Since I sent for your starter kit , I can honestly say that I haven't wanted to smoke an ordinary cigarette as I find your ecigarette tastes better, costs less, and has none of the health risks that comes with tobacco. Yours is a great choice for anyone wanting to try an electronic cigarette, great product, great service ! "

Molly, Sheffield

"I have introduced my son, daughter, two friends and hairdresser to miniciggy's and now they use them too. I’ve not smoked a cigarette for three years. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t change because they really are exactly like the real thing minus damage to health and purse. Genius!"
(Jane Coyne)


Just had to contact you to let you know I have quit smoking, all thanks to the mini e-cigarette.

It has been 18 months since I switched to your excellent product. I tried an ordinary cigarette again recently and it tasted awful. I will never go back to them."


Just to let you know NEVER in a million years would I thought my husband would become a non smoker it's still early days but he doing great."

Thank you.
(J.Ryder, Cheshire)

"Hi, just wanted to thank you for helping me to stop smoking. I had smoked for 35 years and tried to stop several times without much success, I bought a
miniciggy and have not had a cigarette for 2 years.
I also got my mother to give it a go. She has stopped for 1 year.
Thank you so much its fantastic."
Marilyn Richmond


"Our starter kit is 9.99. The starter kit contains 3 High Refills  plus a rechargeable battery, mains and usb chargers. We are committed to this product and we believe in it. It is heart warming to hear our customers believe in us and our product.

We will continue to steadily and quietly build our loyal customer base using our tried and tested strategy of customer recommendation. Tell all of your friends. Miniciggy is the only way forward!"

Mike Broadwin - Customer Relations, Miniciggy

Emma is the new part of the Miniciggy team. Don't worry, Mike has passed on his infinite wisdom regarding the art of customer service :-)

Mike is still here, somewhere, keeping an eye on the inner miniciggy workings. He might put in the odd appearance in your emails. He can't seem to leave it alone.

Miniciggy Updates:
"Thank you for your continued support in 2015. Keep Waving the Miniciggy Flag ! Our customers recommendations are what keeps us ticking along. We love ticking along :-)





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